DBeaver 3.7.4

  • Search UI was redesigned (standalone version)
  • Search in files (SQL) was added
  • Value view panel: save and auto-save command were fixed. UI was fixed.
  • SQL autocomplete was fixed
  • Generate SQL from results: row order was fixed
  • CSV export was fixed (values quotation)
  • Navigator filters edit/update was fixed
  • MySQL: trailing SQL comments issue was fixed
  • MySQL: index prefix (sub part) support was added
  • MySQL: tables copy/paste feature was added
  • MySQL: auto-complete was fixed (use current schema for objects search)
  • PostgreSQL: materialized view indexes support added
  • PostgreSQL: views source code formatting fixed
  • PostgreSQL: array type handler fixed
  • PostgreSQL: data type aliases support was added
  • PostgreSQL, MS SQL: DROP INDEX was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

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