DBeaver 3.4.5

DBeaver 3.4.5 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Apache Derby extension was added (view source, sequences, etc)
  • SQL editor now scrolls to error position (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Derby)
  • Output messages were fixed (MSSQL)
  • Sequences were fixed (PostgreSQL)
  • MongoDB 3.x support added
  • Preference pages were redesigned
  • Plaintext results presentation configuration was added
  • Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) support added for plugin version
  • CSV export config improved
  • ERD export in GraphML format was added
  • A few hanging/UI freeze problems were fixed
  • Misc UI bugs were fixed

DBeaver 3.4.4

DBeaver 3.4.4 has been released.
Note: Version 3.4.4 was released at 29.07.2015. It is a hotfix version of 3.4.3. It fixes missing ER diagrams tab.
This is a really major version with a big number of fixes, improvements and a few new features.
Please report any bugs you will find. Once again thanks for everyone who posts bug reports and feature requests!

Brief changelist:

  • Oracle: metadata loading performance improved (12g)
  • SQLite: driver updated
  • SQLite: foreign keys loading fixed
  • PostgreSQL: sequences support added
  • Firebird: sequences support added
  • MySQL: columns extra info added (ON UPDATE, etc)
  • DB2: INOUT parameters support fixed
  • BIT/TINYINT and LONGVARCHAR types support fixed
  • Date/time value editor improved
  • BLOB/CLOB editors fixed
  • CLOB values cache support added (+configuration)
  • GoTo database objects dialog was fixed
  • Find/Replace dialog in results was fixed
  • SQL editor: parenthesis matching fixed
  • Results cell value editor fixed and improved
  • DDL generation improved
  • SQL parameters handle fixed (+configuration)
  • Transactions management fixed
  • Query manager fixed (updated row count si now correct)
  • UI freeze problems fixed
  • Document editor support added for MongoDB JSON documents and Oracle XML tables
  • A LOT of minor UI bugs was fixed



DBeaver 3.4.2

DBaver 3.4.2 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Stored procedures support was added in SQL Editor
  • Connections wizard and driver editor were improved
  • Bootstrap SQL queries config was added
  • Embedded databases support was improved
  • Possibility to disable editors reopen was added
  • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed
  • DB2 table names escaping was added
  • DB2 read-only connection was fixed
  • LOB export was fixed
  • Multi-connection initialization was fixed (auto-commit, transactions isolation level, current schema)
  • Cassandra multi-connection issue fixed
  • Persistent Query Manager history was added (no UI yet)
  • Many other minor UI fixes

  • Note: this version includes a lot of internal code refactorings and general code redesign. Although it was tested it still may contain bugs – side effects of these changes. So this version could be considered as a kind of unstable.

DBeaver 3.4.1

New minor version has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Now DBeaver can create separate connections for each SQL editor (configurable)
  • Connection invalidate improved
  • Plain text presentation was fixed
  • Date/time editor was fixed
  • Many minor UI bugs were fixed

DBeaver 3.4.0

DBeaver 3.4.0 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Informix database extension was added (thanks to Bert Herngreen)
  • Resultset scrolling UI was fixed. Auto-fetch of results next page if now configurable.
  • Date/time editor was redesigned + nanoseconds support added
  • Custom SQL delimiter support was added
  • Complex SQL (DDL) execution was improved
  • Association rendering in ERD was fixed
  • Vertica extension was fixed (results scrolling support)
  • Many minor UI bugfixes
  • Licensing was made consistent (GPL2)
  • EE version branding was fixed

DBeaver 3.3.2

Version 3.3.2 has been released.

  • Driver license accept is now required
  • SQL parameters binding dialog was fixed
  • Error dialog was fixed
  • Added drivers configuration for NuoDB, GemfireXD, ExaSol
  • SQL formatter was fixed
  • Data transfer DDL generator was fixed
  • Data transfer performance was improved
  • LIMIT clause usage was fixed + SQL limit configuration was added
  • ERD UI fixes
  • Document renderer (JSON) was improved (MongoDB)
  • UI freeze on disconnect was fixed

DBeaver 3.3.1

New version has been released. Primarily it is a bugfix version. But it has a few significant improvements too:

  • Results viewer UI was fixed and improved
  • Plaintext results viewer was fixed (columns width, scrolling, etc)
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • Single entity diagrams (ERD) were improved (show more connections)
  • Hex editor UI was fixed
  • GTK: context menus was fixed
  • GTK: UI freeze in cell editors was fixed
  • Vertica extension was added (views and procedure source code)
  • SQL Server & Vertica: big resultsets reading was fixed
  • PostgreSQL procedures source code viewer was improved
  • DB2: nanoseconds support in date/time data types was added
  • Cassandra: BLOBs columns reading was fixed
  • MongoDB: JSON & XML viewer added
  • Many minor UI fixes

Note: hotfix version update was released on Apr 14

DBeaver 3.3.0

New major version has been released:

  • Plain text results presentation added
  • Results viewer redesigned
  • DB2: metadata fixes (indexes, functions, table DDL, keywords)
  • SQL Server: extension added (views definition and procedures source code now available)
  • PostgreSQL: explain plan support added
  • SQLite: driver version update
  • CSV-JDBC: driver version update
  • SQL autocomplete fixed
  • SQL parser improved
  • Data transfer fixed (column types auto-cast added)
  • Results navigation fixed (keep filter values after navigation)
  • Mongo DB:
    • Connection invalidate
    • Data type management improved
  • Cassandra:
    • Cassandra Thrift is now obsolete. Legacy (0.x-1.x) Cassandra extension removed from DBeaver
    • Map, set and list types support added
    • Data type management improved
    • Tables autocomplete added
    • UUID type handler fixed

DBeaver 3.2.0

DBeaver 3.2.0 has been released.

  • Data transfer wizard UI improved
  • Cross-database data transfer fixed + performance significantly improved
  • Object editor UI changed
  • Many minor UI improvements and bugfixes
  • MongoDB extension (EE version):
    • Support of JavaScript expressions/queries in SQL editor
    • Multi-db authentication support
    • Create/delete collections/databases
    • Server functions (JS) and users view


DBeaver 3.1.5

3.1.5 is yet another hotfix version:

  • Eclipse plugin update site was fixed
  • Parameters binding dialog was fixed
  • Data export was fixed (by-segment reading)
  • Data types load fix (PostgreSQL)
  • Copy/paste in resultset was fixed
  • SQL autocomplete was fixed
  • Scripts titles are now configurable
  • A few minor UI bug was fixed