DBeaver 3.8.1

DBeaver 3.8.1 is mostly a bug fix version. Brief changelist:

  • Object editor: many fixes in properties editor/refresh
  • Results editor: row data refresh after insert/update
  • ERD: refresh action was fixed
  • SQL queries execution was fixed (multiple statements, params binding)
  • SQL completion was fixed
  • Generic: auto-increment columns creation support (H2, Derby, Teradata, MSSQL)
  • H2: new database extension (supports views source, sequences)
  • MySQL: dump/restore wizard fixed
  • PostgreSQL: local client home configuration fixed
  • PostgreSQL: triggers properties improved
  • Oracle: triggers caching fixed (performance)
  • Cassandra: SSH tunnel support added
  • MongoDB: support of replica servers
  • Secure passwords storage support (EE)
  • Misc minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 3.8.0

  • SQL editor tabs management was redesigned
  • Object editor UI was redesigned
  • Basic icons were updated
  • Results viewer: web hyperlinks support, URL transformations, web pages viewer
  • PostgreSQL: database dump/restore support was added (pg_dump/pg_restore)
  • PostgreSQL: admin tools added (analyze, vacuum, truncate)
  • PostgreSQL: trigger properties were fixed
  • PostgreSQL: view triggers support
  • MariaDB: local client detection fixed
  • Cassandra: query trace panel added
  • Oracle: tablespace management was added
  • Oracle: SQL error position detection improved
  • Exasol: high speed load/unload to csv
  • Exasol: Virtual schema support
  • MacOS: product info (plist) was fixed
  • SQL Editor: dynamic parameters binding fixed (+dialog redesign)
  • SQL Editor: status toolbar was fixed/improved (warning list)
  • SQL completion fix (extra options in preferences)
  • SQL generator fix (DDL for complex objects like packages)
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 3.7.8

This is a hotfix version.
This is the last 3.7.x version release (hopefully).

Brief changelist:

  • Results viewer was fixed (numerous bugs were fixed in refresh, navigation, filters, ordering, etc)
  • FK create dialog was fixed
  • Oracle: schema filters were fixed
  • Oracle: NLS date format config
  • SQL Server/Generic: procedure names were fixed
  • Taradata: driver config was fixed
  • Evaluate SQL Expression command was added
  • A few minor UI problems were fixed
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DBeaver 3.7.7


  • Results viewer UI redesign
  • Exasol extension (by Karl Griesser). Basic features:
    • DDL for views, tables, scripts
    • Table editor
    • Connection objects browser
    • Session manager
    • Security browser
    • Explain execution plan
  • Table/constraint/index edit dialogs were improved
  • Date/time values rendering was redesigned (for export and SQL generation).
  • CLOBs encoding problem was fixed
  • DBeaver version check/update was fixed
  • Statements timeout config fixed (+Cassandra support)
  • SQL Editor: script execution visualization was added
  • ERD: types names rendering was fixed
  • Drivers download UI was improved
  • Disconnect All command added
  • MySQL: triggers create/refresh was fixed
  • MySQL: column creation dialog
  • PostgreSQL: hyperlinks/object navigation was fixed
  • Oracle: CLOB/BLOB export was improved
  • ODBC: connection initialization was fixed
  • MacOS: product icon was fixed (thanks to Jose de Modena)
  • MacOS/Linux: checkbox editor rendering was fixed
  • Linux: results viewer rendering was fixed
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DBeaver 3.7.6


  • ODBC: database metadata reading was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: SQL autocomplete fixed (with schema name)
  • PostgreSQL: multi-dimension arrays support
  • Oracle: advanced constraint types support
  • MS SQL: drop table in non-active database fix
  • SQL execution: query metadata reading is now configurable
  • Results viewer: metadata extraction (attribute binding) is now configurable
  • Results viewer: copy column/row names command introduced
  • Results editor: fixed activation on key press
  • SQL completion: auto completion improved and enabled by default
  • SQL formatting: special characters formatting was fixed
  • Windows installer: fixed support of target folder (/D) in silent install (/S)
  • ERD: fixed problem with multiple unique keys
  • Metadata browser: objects refresh was fixed
  • Metadata browser: column values rendering fixed
  • CSV export: data formats settings fixed
  • UI fixes for better GTK support
  • Added support of Open JDK 9
  • Many minor UI bugfixes
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DBeaver 3.7.5


  • Aggregate functions: Distinct count, Min/Max for non-numeric types, Mode and Median functions were added
  • MetaData panel was added in result panels
  • Results filters/ordering improvement (support of joins)
  • Data transfer: columns mapping was fixed (now support columns skip), BIGINT datatype support was fixed
  • MetaData compare wizard was fixed (PG)
  • JSON and XML support in value editor
  • Value edit panel: misc fixes (gtk)
  • ER diagrams: entity/attributes colors were fixed
  • Attributes binding performance increased
  • SQL completion processor was fixed
  • Multi-project workspaces support was improved
  • PostgreSQL: view and materialized view edit, a few metadata additions
  • MySQL: by default uses 5.x drivers to avoid problems with server charset
  • Oracle: metadata reading was improved
  • SQL Server: table data viewer fixed (use fully-qualified table name)
  • RedShift: driver update (+ support of LIMIT in table queries)
  • A lot of minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 3.7.4


  • Search UI was redesigned (standalone version)
  • Search in files (SQL) was added
  • Value view panel: save and auto-save command were fixed. UI was fixed.
  • SQL autocomplete was fixed
  • Generate SQL from results: row order was fixed
  • CSV export was fixed (values quotation)
  • Navigator filters edit/update was fixed
  • MySQL: trailing SQL comments issue was fixed
  • MySQL: index prefix (sub part) support was added
  • MySQL: tables copy/paste feature was added
  • MySQL: auto-complete was fixed (use current schema for objects search)
  • PostgreSQL: materialized view indexes support added
  • PostgreSQL: views source code formatting fixed
  • PostgreSQL: array type handler fixed
  • PostgreSQL: data type aliases support was added
  • PostgreSQL, MS SQL: DROP INDEX was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 3.7.3


  • Result set UI was redesigned (panels)
  • Results aggregation panel added
  • Navigator filters management was improved
  • ERD attributes view is now configurable (data type, icon, nullability)
  • Object editor breadcrumbs UI was redesigned
  • Advanced results copy was improved (row divider)
  • Results metadata resolve was fixed (problem with SQL expressions was resolved)
  • Run query from Query Manager view
  • Enum data type editor was fixed
  • Data export (CSV, XML and JSON) was fixed
  • DBeaver projects export/import was fixed
  • SQL parameters binding dialog was fixed
  • SQL parser was updated (performance problem with complicated queries was resolved)
  • SQL code completion now uses navigator filters
  • DDL generation was improved (multiple objects support)
  • Plaintext presentation was fixed (column reorder)
  • SOCKS proxy support was improved (PostgreSQL)
  • Support system variables in driver.xml file
  • Oracle: TNS connection fixed
  • Oracle: TNSNAMES custom path support
  • PostgreSQL: struct data types support was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: objects lookup was fixed
  • MySQL: single line comments were fixed
  • Many minor bugfixes and improvements
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DBeaver 3.7.2

DBeaver 3.7.2 has been released.

  • Icons were fixed (Linux and MacOS)
  • PostgreSQL: procedure parameter types fix
  • Oracle: schema metadata read fixed
  • DB2 v11: metadata read fix
  • DB2: DECFLOAT support fixed
  • MySQL: alter user SQL fixed
  • MySQL: procedure body read fixed
  • SQL keywords fix
  • SQL quoted identifiers support fixed
  • ResultSet SQL generation redesign
  • ResultSet refresh fix
  • ResultSet print (plaintext)
  • Locked connections support
  • Import connections from CSV/XML
  • Import connections from SQL Developer
  • Bookmarks folders support fixed
  • Search data: search in UUID columns
  • Many minor bugs were fixed
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DBeaver 3.7.1

3.7.1 has been released.
It is a hotfix version but also contains a few improvements.
Also we finally have rebranded DBeaver icons.

  • DBeaver logo and icons were redesigned
  • Results order/refresh has been fixed
  • PostgreSQL: alter column SQL fixed
  • Oracle: PL/SQL block processing was improved (DECLARE/BEGIN/END)
  • Oracle: output reading was fixed
  • JDBC: case-sensitive indexes reading was fixed
  • Results filter menu was extended
  • Project explorer view: scripts can be copy/pasted from OS file system
  • SQL keywords were updated
  • Korean localization was added
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