DBeaver CE 4.1.0

  • Dark theme configuration was fixed/improved
  • Results viewer: first row insert bug was fixed
  • Results viewer: extra rendering config
  • Results viewer: find/replace dialog fixed (set focus)
  • CLOB/BLOB editor fixed (value edit/save)
  • Project explorer view fixed (ER diagrams and bookmarks folders)
  • SQL editor: additional layout configuration
  • Advanced copy/paste: additional properties were added
  • MySQL: database size property
  • MySQL: float data type editor fixed
  • PostgreSQL: ref cursors support
  • PostgreSQL: execution plan properties added
  • Oracle: DDL generation was fixed (delimiters)
  • Exasol: DDL generation was fixed, connection objects are now visible
  • Apache Drill: driver config was fixed
  • Yandex Clickhouse driver was added
  • Many minor UI fixed/improvements

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