DBeaver 3.0.2

Version 3.0.2 has been released.


  • We rolled back to Java 6
  • Custom queries results are now editable
  • SQL parser/formatter was improved
  • SSH tunnel connection timeout was added
  • Many minor bugfixes and improvements

DBeaver 3.0.1

Hotfix version 3.0.1 has been released:

  • Firebird and PostgreSQL extensions were added (views and procedures definition view now supported)
  • MongoDB secured connections support was added
  • Indexes information read was fixed
  • SQL editor was fixed
  • Oracle metadata read was fixed
  • Data transfer wizard configuration was fixed

Note: DBeaver now depends on Java7. Windows installers already contains appropriate JRE.
If you are on *nix/MacOS please make sure you have Java 7 or later.

DBeaver 3

Finally DBeaver 3.0 has been released.

We have split standalone version on Community and Enterprise editions.
Community edition includes the same extensions as DBeaver 2.x.
Enterprise edition = Community edition + NoSQL support (Cassandra and MongoDB in 3.0).
Both Community and Enterprise editions are free and open source. New Cassandra and MongoDB extensions are not open source (but free to use).

Eclipse plugin version includes only Community edition plugins.
Standalone version is now based on Eclipse 4.4 (Luna).
Java7 is now default JRE for DBeaver.
And many bugfixes and minor UI improvements were added as usually.

Have fun!

DBeaver 2.4.3

DBeaver 2.4.3 has been released.
It is hotfix version. It wasn’t planned but we had to make it because a few urgent bugs were found and fixed.
We are still working on version 3.x. It was planned to release in July but it definitely won’t be ready till mid August. Mostly due to a vacation time and hot weather which doesn’t let me to work on freeware projects. In fact I prefer to ride a bike, swim and have a good time than sitting by my pc :)

Brief changelist:

  • Table constrains reading fixed
  • SSH tunnel instantiation fixed
  • Editors reopen fixed
  • Data grid UI improved
  • Data grid toolbar fixed
  • jTDS driver updated
  • SSL for MySQL (alpha version)
  • Generic driver now splits tables and views
  • Oracle XML type support improved
  • ERD diagrams made IDEF1X compatible
  • Many minor UI fixes

DBeaver 2.4.2

New minor version (2.4.2) has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • JRE 7 is now default Java version for DBeaver (however DBeaver still works under Java 6). Windows installer now contains JRE 7 (update 60).
  • Database selection toolbar was fixed
  • Auto-completion was improved (duplicated objects removed)
  • DDL generation was fixed (Vertica and Sybase)
  • A few minor bugfixes of UI improvements

It is the last minor release of DBeaver 2.x (unless we’ll have to release hotfix version).
We are now working on major version release. Besides some new features it will include support of NoSQL databases. New release is planned on July 2014.

Have fun!

DBeaver 2.4.1

Hotfix version 2.4.1 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Results scrolling was fixed
  • DB2 tables edit was fixed (RID_BIT problem)
  • SQLite driver configuration fixed (stable driver version used by default)
  • SQL editor opening error fixed

DBeaver 2.4.0

DBeaver 2.4.0 has been released. Finally. Almost 2 months since last version. It is one of the most complicated DBeaver releases ever.
Currently we are working hard on NoSQL databases support, specifically on structured (object) data types and collections view/edit. It has very limited application in relational databases (Oracle and DB2 supports object types but most of other databases doesn’t) but widely used in NoSQL ones.
We are going to add support of MongoDB and Cassandra (replace existing legacy plugin) in one of the next major versions.


  • Foreign keys navigation added
  • grid_navigate

  • Structured and collection types support added
  • grid_struct


  • Results viewer improved
  • A lot of minor bugfixes and improvements

DBeaver 2.3.8

DBeaver 2.3.8 has been released.
It is a minor bugfix version. Brief changelist:

  • SQLite driver has been fixed
  • DB2 metadata read was fixed
  • Generic driver metadata read was improved
  • Data export was improved (SQL format)
  • Result set navigation was improved

DBeaver 2.3.7

DBeaver 2.3.7 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • MySQL maintenance tools (check, analyse, etc) was added
  • Oracle table tools (analyse, gather statistics) was added
  • DB2 table truncate tool was added
  • SQLite driver was updated, metadata read has been fixed
  • SQL autocomplete fixed
  • Server output window added in SQL editor
  • ResultSet viewer UI was fixed
  • Minor UI fixes

DBeaver 2.3.6

DBeaver 2.3.6 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Resultset viewer/editor was redesigned
  • SOCKS (4/5) proxy support was added
  • Connection network configuration UI was redesigned
  • MS Access driver was updated
  • SQLite SQL statements processing was fixed
  • DB2 metadata browser has been fixed
  • Oracle sequences search was added
  • Many additional UI preferences was added
  • Minor UI fixes