DBeaver 2.2.2

DBeaver 2.2.2 has been released. This version has quite a lot of changes:

  • Connection properties UI completely rewritten and improved
  • DB2 for z/OS driver added
  • Binary (LOB) editor improved, Hex and Base64 formats added
  • Autocommit and transaction isolation per-connection configuration added
  • Cross-database data export fixed
  • Results viewer fixed (additional segments fetch)
  • Checking of multiple running DBeaver instances added
  • Context menu fixed in Eclipse plugin mode
  • Foreign keys added in generic DDL
  • UI freeze on disconnect with socket timeout fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

Special thanks to Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez for a huge help with DB2 z/OS driver testing.

DBeaver 2.2.1

DBeaver 2.2.1 has been released.

  • Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra and WMI drivers are now included in standard DBeaver distribution. No need to download these drivers separately.
  • Oracle OCI driver is now obsolete. It is replaced by Thin driver.
  • Data export from query/SQL script fixed.
  • SSH keep-alive support added.
  • Windows installer fixed (extraction worked incorrectly on some systems)
  • Minor UI fixes

DBeaver 2.2.0

DBeaver 2.2.0 has been released. It is a major version and it contains many improvements and fixes.

Brief changleist:

  • Multiple result sets are now supported by SQL editor
  • Result set filters has been improved (you may set filter criteria directly in SQL editor/table data viewer)
  • Find/replace support added result sets. Now you may search data right in result set using good old CTRL+F.
  • Metadata (tables/constraints/foreign keys) editor has been improved (you may create complex table structure in UI and then save it in one click)
  • JRE is now included in Windows installers. So there are no system prerequisites for DBeaver if you are on Windows.
  • MySQL TINYINT(1) data type problem fixed, Oracle date/time data type problems fixed, a few minor fixes for SQL Server and PostgreSQL added.
  • Many minor UI bugfixes and improvements
  • Have fun!

DBeaver 2.1.2

DBeaver 2.1.2 has been released.

Yet another bugfix version. Unfortunately we didn’t release major version in this April because I was very busy at my primary job.
Hopefully May will be more productive.
Brief changelist:

  • MS Access driver added (UCanAccess)
  • Drivers download fixed
  • Projects import/export fixed
  • Big Integer values handling fixed
  • Oracle TIMESTAMP formatting fixed (filters)
  • ResultSet UI improvements

DBeaver 2.1.1

DBeaver 2.1.1 has been released.

Generally it is a minor hotfix version. Most important change is that now Eclipse 4.2.2 is a base platform for standalone version. It has many performance improvements and UI bugfixes.

  • Eclipse 4.2.2 is base platform for standalone version
  • UI freeze during MySQL long queries fix
  • Sort navigator tree alphabetically (configurable)
  • Expand navigator tree on connect (configurable)
  • MySQL enum/set data types handle fix
  • Oracle TNS names load fix (on Linux)
  • Autocomplete fix (SQLite)
  • Cell editor dialog UI fixed
  • Standard commands’ handlers fix
  • Minor UI and functional fixes

DBeaver 2.1.0

DBeaver 2.1.0 has been released.

  • Data transfer/import feature (transfer data between any tables/views/queries in different databases)
  • In Eclipse plugin version JDBC drivers can be installed from update site as plugins
  • SQL editor improved (braces matching, current line highlight, print margins support)
  • 64-bit Windows installer fixed
  • JDBC driver for CSV/DBF files added
  • Oracle IOT tables support added, view meta information improved
  • Advanced authentication for MySQL native tools
  • SQL Auto-completion fixed (insert full qualified table names when needed)
  • SQL scripts to database group linking feature added
  • Many minor UI and database-specific fixes

DBeaver 2.0.7

DBeaver 2.0.7 has been released.


  • Apache Cassandra extension plugin
  • ResultSet cell properties
  • Inline integer value editor fixed
  • Inline binary editor added
  • MySQL stored procedures editor fixed
  • Oracle XML editor fixed
  • PostgreSQL big schema loading fixed (performance increased)
  • SQL generation improved (MERGE operator)
  • Date viewer performance increased
  • A few UI bugfixes

It is last planned 2.0.x version. Next release will be 2.1.0 and it will contain many improvements concerning result set view/edit (like columns reorder, pseudocolumns support, etc).
Also we are working hard upon NoSQL and Bigdata databases support. It is a serious challenge as we have to make proper data model and UI for them.
Read more about nosql/bigdata:
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DBeaver 2.0.6

DBeaver 2.0.6 has been released!
This version contains really huge amount of fixes and improvements.
Thanks to everyone who send us feedbacks and bug reports, without your help this wouldn’t have happened.
So, brief changelist with pictures:

  • Grid data editor refactored. Embedded editor/viewer added
  • Support of complex SQL types (arrays, structures, references – tested on Oracle)
  • Value editors/viewers improved. Images preview in panel
  • Direct data export from SQL query
  • Advanced data copy dialog (support of locale specific number/date formats)
  • SQL query generator (for tables and result sets)
  • Connection invalidation before query execution (configurable)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are working in inline data editors
  • ResultSet export fixed
  • Hung on transactions level/autocommit change fixed
  • Hyperlinks fixed in metadata browser
  • Lazy properties loading fixed in metadata editor
  • Native tools menu fixed (MySQL and Oracle)
  • Eclipse plugin UI fixed
  • MySQL Views metadata editor fixed
  • Privileges editor fixed (MySQL)
  • Actual row count property added (Oracle)
  • Drop view statement fixed (Generic)
  • Tray icon notifier improved (show script name)
  • A few minor UI fixes

(Note: screenshots contains data from sample databases which are shipped with standard Oracle/Derby distributions. No any personal information has not been disclosed and no any rabbits were harmed)

DBeaver 2.0.5

DBeaver 2.0.5 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Tray icon support (long-running tasks finish notification)
  • Support of table column default values
  • UI freeze on multiple queries fixed
  • Table columns autocomplete improved
  • Undo/redo manager fixed
  • Oracle metadata editors fixed
  • MySQL enum/set types support fix
  • MySQL user management fixed
  • Many minor bug fixes

DBeaver 2.0.4

DBeaver 2.0.4. has been released.

Brief changelist:

  • Connection types (dev, test, prod) support added. Note that now global auto-commit parameter moved to connection type specific settings. Also you may define your own connection types (see preferences).
  • Oracle CREATE/DROP schema actions fixed
  • Vertica database driver added + Vertica SQL autocomplete fixed
  • Plugin mode fixes (perspective icon, branding, etc)
  • UI fixes (database selector, copy/paste in dialogs)
  • Misc bugfixes