DBeaver 2.3.7

DBeaver 2.3.7 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • MySQL maintenance tools (check, analyse, etc) was added
  • Oracle table tools (analyse, gather statistics) was added
  • DB2 table truncate tool was added
  • SQLite driver was updated, metadata read has been fixed
  • SQL autocomplete fixed
  • Server output window added in SQL editor
  • ResultSet viewer UI was fixed
  • Minor UI fixes

DBeaver 2.3.6

DBeaver 2.3.6 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Resultset viewer/editor was redesigned
  • SOCKS (4/5) proxy support was added
  • Connection network configuration UI was redesigned
  • MS Access driver was updated
  • SQLite SQL statements processing was fixed
  • DB2 metadata browser has been fixed
  • Oracle sequences search was added
  • Many additional UI preferences was added
  • Minor UI fixes



DBeaver 2.3.4

Version 2.3.4 has been released.

  • Database objects quick search dialog has been added
  • Query execution progress/cancel UI was redesign
  • SQL auto-completion was improved
  • Results find/replace has been fixed
  • Multiple result sets support (SQL Server & Sybase) added
  • DB2, Oracle extensions was improved. Legacy DB2 LUW driver added
  • MySQL driver updated
  • Many UI fixes and improvements


Note: hotfix version 2.3.5 has been released on 23.12.2013

DBeaver 2.3.2

DBeaver 2.3.2 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Open editors are now restored after restart
  • Connections’ folders support has been added
  • SQL auto-completion was improved
  • Auto-completion and hyperlinks for procedures/packages has been added
  • Database search results are now structured
  • Disconnect detection by error code has been added
  • Driver management UI was redesigned
  • DB2 for AS 400 driver has been added
  • H2, Derby and HSQLDB drivers were updated
  • Minor fixes in Oracle, MySQL and DB2 plugins
  • Data transfer columns mapping fixed
  • SQL processing UI fixed
  • Minor UI bugfixes

Note: hotfix version 2.3.3 has been released on 20.11.2013

DBeaver 2.3.1

DBeaver 2.3.1 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • DB2 extension replaces generic DB2 driver (note: this applies only to DB2 LUW, DB2 for z/OS still use old generic driver)
  • Separate database connection used for metadata reading (configurable)
  • Pseudo columns (ROWID) support added for Oracle and DB2. Data editor now uses ROWID as primary table identifier (instead of PK).
  • Local/server-side result set ordering is now configurable
  • SQL templates additions ($schema and $catalog variables has been added)
  • Metadata editor UI improved
  • Minor UI bugfixes

DBeaver 2.3.0

DBeaver 2.3.0 has been released!.

It is a major version: we’ve migrated to Eclipse 4.3 platform and added DB2 extension (thanks to Denis Forveille).
Brief changelist:

  • DB2 extension (metadata browser, execution plan view, etc)
  • Eclipse 4.3 is now base platform (improves UI and editors performance)
  • Fixes of MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle ad CSV extensions
  • Metadata editor fixed
  • Execution plan visualization improved
  • Auto-increment columns edit fixed
  • Many minor fixes in UI and model

New DB2 functionality wasn’t yet tested very well so currently we support DB2 in two ways: good old Generic driver and brand new DB2 driver. In the next release new driver will replace old one completely. Note that currently DB2/zOS supported only by Generic driver.

DBeaver 2.2.5

Last summer version has been released (finally).
It was delayed because I’ve been in a quite long vacation, far far away from my computer.
It is a minor version which contains set of bugfixes and a few improvements.
Brief changelist:

  • Data transfer performance improved
  • Query/script execution statistics improved
  • SQL autocomplete improved
  • Results view copy/advanced copy improved
  • Results view rendering fixed
  • Unique keys management simplified
  • A few minor UI problems fixed

Now we’ll work on new major version.
Have fun!

DBeaver 2.2.4

DBeaver 2.2.4 has been released. This version contains many UI fixes and small improvements.
Brief changelist:

  • Search UI changed
  • Metadata reading improved (Oracle RDB problem fixed)
  • Results columns hiding/reordering support added
  • Results viewer fixed (context menu, record mode, scrolling, etc)
  • Connection properties dialog fixed
  • Project management fixed in Eclipse plugin version
  • Metadata search integrated into standard Eclipse search UI
  • Oracle driver updated to
  • Many minor UI fixes

DBeaver 2.2.3

DBeaver 2.2.3 has been released. It is a hotfix version.
Brief changelist:

  • Word wrap mode support in text editors
  • Connection properties editor fixed
  • Default date/time format changed
  • Oracle DDL format is now configurable
  • Oracle TNS connections fixed
  • TINYINT data type handle fixed
  • Results context menu fixed
  • Grid column hide support added
  • Vertica driver updated

DBeaver 2.2.2

DBeaver 2.2.2 has been released. This version has quite a lot of changes:

  • Connection properties UI completely rewritten and improved
  • DB2 for z/OS driver added
  • Binary (LOB) editor improved, Hex and Base64 formats added
  • Autocommit and transaction isolation per-connection configuration added
  • Cross-database data export fixed
  • Results viewer fixed (additional segments fetch)
  • Checking of multiple running DBeaver instances added
  • Context menu fixed in Eclipse plugin mode
  • Foreign keys added in generic DDL
  • UI freeze on disconnect with socket timeout fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

Special thanks to Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez for a huge help with DB2 z/OS driver testing.