DBeaver 4.3.3

  • SQL editor: query extraction was fixed (trailing delimiter)
  • SQL editor: variables support was added (${varName}, configurable)
  • SQL editor: embedded mode was fixed (UI freeze on editor refresh)
  • Results viewer: column drop-down filter was added
  • Numeric cell value dialog editor was fixed
  • Ref cursor cell value dialog viewer was fixed
  • Main toolbar was fixed (now it is visible only in DBeaver perspective)
  • UI of checkbox inline editor was fixed
  • Environment variables substitution now works for all network configurations
  • External Eclipse extension installer was fixed
  • Git integration was implemented with Eclipse Git plugin
  • External plugin repository list was enhanced (Office, SVG, Git, Eclipse Oxygen)
  • Command line support was fixed (-con + connection properties)
  • CSV export: value quoting config was added
  • PostgreSQL: syntax highlighting was improved
  • MariaDB: default column value editor was fixed
  • SQL Server: schema list reading was fixed
  • SQL Server: procedures source reading was fixed
  • Oracle: view definition (truncated) reading was fixed
  • Sybase: error handling was fixed (for queries with multiple results)
  • Firebird: 3.x driver configuration was fixed (default encoding is UTF-8)
  • Windows installer was improved
  • "All Users" mode was removed
  • /S and /D options were fixed
  • Controls internationalization was improved
  • Chinese, Russian and French localizations were improved
  • Many minor UI fixes

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