DBeaver 4.3.2

  • UI language selector was added in preferences
  • Active schema selector UI was enhanced (filter)
  • Foreign/ref key navigation icon render was fixed
  • String cell value can be opened in a separate text editor
  • Plaintext rendering was enhanced (NULL values, delimiters)
  • Data export: export of selected columns/rows is now supported
  • SQL editor: support backslash escape in SQL strings/quoted identifiers
  • DB2: connection properties dialog was fixed (settings load)
  • SQL Server: Windows authentication option was added
  • Sybase/SQL Server: schema list read/filter was fixed
  • Sybase/SAP ASE: native jConnect driver configuration was added
  • MySQL/MariaDB: big query results fetching was fixed (for complex custom SQL)
  • PostgreSQL: procedure creation was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: role create/drop actions
  • PostgreSQL: permission management UI was added
  • PostgreSQL: table DDL generation was fixed (column comments)
  • Redis: connection properties dialog was fixed (settings load)
  • Extra CLI options for MySQL/PostgreSQL native export/import wizards
  • French localization was added (thanks to madcollector)
  • Chinese localization was updated
  • Many minor UI fixes

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