DBeaver 4.1.2

  • Named filters support was added
  • Data formats: locale config on Linux was fixed
  • Custom SQL query ordering was fixed
  • Office extension install in CE version was fixed
  • Entity delete confirmation was fixed (multiple objects delete)
  • Debug log configuration was added
  • Query manager coloring was fixed
  • ERD: support of dark theme was fixed
  • Windows: taskbar notifications enhancements (for data transfer and external tools)
  • Version update check was fixed
  • Command line enhancements (auto-commit option)
  • Full-text search processor was fixed (fail on first error)
  • SQL Editor: support of dynamic include of other scripts
  • SQL Editor: support of different quote chars
  • SQL Editor: script commands processing was fixed
  • SQL Editor: single line comments toggle was fixed
  • SQL Editor: open object (F4) shortcut now works in procedures/packages
  • SQL Editor: connection delete handle was fixed
  • Results viewer: shortcuts redefine was fixed
  • Results viewer: filter proposal was fixed (quoted identifiers)
  • Results viewer: find/replace highlights search string
  • Results viewer: right justify numbers and dates (configurable)
  • Database selector was fixed (minimize on some platforms)
  • PostgreSQL: access methods/operators metadata support was added
  • PostgreSQL: database dump using inserts (thanks to Alma Garcia)
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration page was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: DDL generator in generic driver was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: update connection setting on different database activation
  • Oracle: compile procedure/package error handling was fixed
  • SQL Server: support of [] quotes
  • Multiple UI fixes (including UI freeze on some platforms)

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