DBeaver 5.0

DBeaver 5.0 has been released. Brief changelist:
  • Mock data generator extension release. UI changes, lots of bugfixes.
  • PostgreSQL debugger (beta version)
  • PostgreSQL: constraints DDL was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: PostGIS support was fixed (array of geometry type)
  • Vertica: UDF support (read-only)
  • Vertica: flex tables support (read-only)
  • Oracle: include comments in view DDL
  • Auto-reconnect after connection failure feature was added (configurable)
  • Auto-refresh for sessions and transaction lock views was added
  • SQL editor: auto-complete for JOIN was fixed/improved
  • Metadata search was fixed (NPE)
  • Results viewer: grid background colour shows cells state
  • Results viewer: column header render was fixed
  • Excel export: support of column descriptions in header
  • Settings for the page switch saving on the connection page were fixed
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the SQL editor opening were fixed
  • Entity editor save/revert changes actions were fixed (refresh contents)
  • Decimal part rendering is now configurable for the numeric data type
  • Command line handling (-con) was fixed (drivers search)
  • Fixes for the driver editor dialog were implemented: NPE fixes, show driver ID
  • Edit connection dialog was fixed (dialog layout glitch)
  • Dialog for errors was fixed - now default button is Stop
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Many minor UI fixes

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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