DBeaver 5.0.3

Release notes:
  • Event notification UI was added (commit/rollback/reconnect events)
  • Results viewer: status bar update fixed (re-layout)
  • Results viewer: filters reset action enablement was fixed
  • Results viewer: ordered UUID transformer was added
  • Results viewer: support of grid columns drag-n-drop in text editor was added
  • Results viewer: filter dictionary reading was fixed (include NULL values)
  • Results editor: script generation was improved (column values are now correctly rendered)
  • Results editor: complex data type (structures, arrays) editor UI was fixed
  • SQL editor: autocomplete was fixed (word replacement)
  • SQL formatter: keyword case configuration UI was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: function permissions editor was added
  • PostgreSQL: active schema switching was fixed (search_path patching)
  • PostgreSQL: support of PG <= 8.4 (data types info reading)
  • PostgreSQL: table comments added in DDL
  • Oracle: synonyms reading was fixed (include broken synonyms)
  • Oracle: NUMBER data type scale/precision editor was added
  • Oracle: convert query line feeds for ORacle <= 10
  • SQL Server: procedures drop was added
  • SQL Server: table comments reading was added
  • Connection invalidate job was fixed (disable disconnect on first failure)
  • Connection editor was fixed (folder list)
  • Autocommit toolbar button state refresh was fixed (on editor switch)
  • CLI: connections duplications bug was fixed
  • Query manager colors configuration was added
  • Data transfer: extra output file name template variables were added
  • Global column filters support was added
  • ERD: fully qualified table names option was added
  • ERD: export in GraphML was fixed (column data type)
  • XLSX exporter was improved (configuration UI)
  • SSHJ extension was repackaged
  • Full text searcher UI was fixed (messages)
  • Mockdata wizard UI was improved
  • RPM package dependencies fix (Java 8)
  • Misc minor UI fixes

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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