DBeaver 4.3.5

  • Full UI localization (Chinese, Russian, German, French)
  • Mock data generator: additional generators and bug fixes
  • Changes for SQL Editor:
    • JOIN table/condition auto-complete
    • SQL Editor: UI for results/editor/panels switching was fixed
    • "open editor" and "switch panels" shortcuts were changed
    • warning on the "Execute in separate tabs" command for big scripts was added
    • "extract SQL from source code" command was fixed
  • Changes for Result viewer:
    • icon visibility options were added
    • rendering of floating point numbers was fixed (fraction digits are shown according to column scale)
    • JSON/XML panel editor was fixed (dirty mark on text selection)
  • Driver editor dialog was fixed (custom jars for Maven-enabled drivers)
  • Changes for MacOS X installer (pkg):
    • support of CE and EE versions on the same machine
    • allows to install DBeaver extensions
  • Changes for PostgreSQL:
    • Postgis support was added
    • HStore support was fixed (in string form)
    • UI for permission management was fixed
    • table DDL (costraints) was fixed (constraint name)
  • Changes for MySQL:
    • support of geometry (GIS) types was added
    • session manager view was improved
    • triggers DDL was fixed: trigger creation now omits database name
  • Changes for Impala:
    • driver configuration was fixed
    • SQL dialect/syntax highlighting was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes (edited)

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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