DBeaver 4.2.3

  • Java 9 support was fixed
  • SQL Editor: connection/schema selectors redesign
  • SQL Editor: divider position save
  • SQL Editor: BOM for external SQL files support was added
  • SQL Editor: queries folding was fixed
  • SQL error chain evaluation was fixed
  • SQL autocomplete for quoted and/or national identifiers was fixed
  • Results viewer: cursor reposition on refresh/mode change was fixed
  • Results viewer: reset all colorings action was added
  • Results viewer: reflect data changes in transaction monitor
  • Results viewer: right-aligned cells (numbers/dates) rendering was fixed
  • Results viewer: columns drag-n-drop was redesigned (now activated on column icon dragging)
  • Results viewer: multi-cell paste support was added
  • SQL Editor/results viewer: SELECT COUNT query transformation was fixed (omit order)
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • Support of null scale/precision for numeric data types was added
  • SQL generator: IS NULL/IS NOT NULL support was added
  • SQL generator: omit schema name feature (configurable)
  • Object editor: changes save procedure was fixed (+UI fix)
  • Office (XLSX) export: numeric/boolean cells formatting was fixed
  • Global schema/tables filters were fixed (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Connections copy/paste was fixed
  • MySQL/MariaDB tables read was fixed (quoted identifiers)
  • Vertica: JDBC URL was fixed (database is optional)
  • Vertica: current schema detection/update
  • PostgreSQL: advanced data types (postgis, json, etc) resolution fix
  • PostgreSQL: procedures fully qualified names fix
  • DB2: primary key drop/edit fix
  • Oracle: synonyms read was fixed
  • Oracle: primary key drop/edit fix
  • SQL Server: GO delimiters evaluation was fixed
  • Minor UI fixes

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