DBeaver 4.2.5

  • Connection/schema selectors UI was improved
  • Shortcuts for connection schema select (CTRL+9, CTRL+0)
  • SQL error handle was fixed (error type detection, reconnect activation)
  • SELECT COUNT(*) transformer was fixed
  • SQL completion: multiple bug fixes
  • SQL editor: single line comment toggle was fixed
  • SQL editor: script execution UI config (editor pane maximize is now configurable)
  • SQL editor: support association with connections from another project
  • Database editor: auto-save doesn't affect data editors
  • Results viewer: varchar to binary column view transformer
  • Results viewer: status label was fixed
  • Results viewer: timestamp value editor was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: view DDL was fixed (for alter view)
  • MySQL/MariaDB: quoted schema name handle fixed
  • Oracle: DATE data type support was fixed
  • Oracle: execution plan for queries with parameters
  • Oracle: sessions SQL read was improved
  • SQL Server: native timestamp format fixed
  • Data search: UI was fixed (performance)
  • MetaData search: UI was fixed (tree structure)
  • ER diagrams: datasource info in project explorer
  • SSH tunnel config enhanced (local port number)
  • i18n model enhancement
  • Chinese localization
  • Hex editor UI was fixed (hex panel stretching, preferences)
  • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed (conflicts with other Eclipse solutions)
  • Cloudera Impala driver config was added
  • CUBRID driver config was added
  • Office and SVG extensions moved to separate update sites (marketplace)
  • Misc UI fixes

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