DBeaver 5.0.1

  • Data export: markdown (wiki, confluence) format support
  • Data export: extra configuration for CSV format
  • Data export: auto-size clumns in XLS
  • Mockdata generator: UI redesign, extra configuration
  • Connection selector dialog was redesigned
  • ERD: save to image was fixed (image bounds)
  • SQL generate: queries unwrap (configurable)
  • SSH tunnel: external SSHJ implementation (ed25519 support, bouncy castle)
  • Generic driver configuration was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: table DDL fix (include table comment)
  • MySQL: global server privileges edit fixed
  • Oracle: PL/SQL parser was fixed
  • Oracle: float data type support was fixed
  • ERD in SVG format support was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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