DBeaver 5.0

DBeaver 5.0 has been released.

Brief changelist:

  • Mock data generator extension release. UI changes, lots of bugfixes.
  • PostgreSQL debugger (beta version)
  • PostgreSQL: constraints DDL was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: PostGIS support was fixed (array of geometry type)
  • Vertica: UDF support (read-only)
  • Vertica: flex tables support (read-only)
  • Oracle: include comments in view DDL
  • Auto-reconnect after connection failure feature was added (configurable)
  • Auto-refresh for sessions and transaction lock views was added
  • SQL editor: auto-complete for JOIN was fixed/improved
  • Metadata search was fixed (NPE)
  • Results viewer: grid background colour shows cells state
  • Results viewer: column header render was fixed
  • Excel export: support of column descriptions in header
  • Settings for the page switch saving on the connection page were fixed
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the SQL editor opening were fixed
  • Entity editor save/revert changes actions were fixed (refresh contents)
  • Decimal part rendering is now configurable for the numeric data type
  • Command line handling (-con) was fixed (drivers search)
  • Fixes for the driver editor dialog were implemented: NPE fixes, show driver ID
  • Edit connection dialog was fixed (dialog layout glitch)
  • Dialog for errors was fixed – now default button is Stop
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.3.5

  • Full UI localization (Chinese, Russian, German, French)
  • Mock data generator: additional generators and bug fixes
  • Changes for SQL Editor:
    • JOIN table/condition auto-complete
    • SQL Editor: UI for results/editor/panels switching was fixed
    • “open editor” and “switch panels” shortcuts were changed
    • warning on the “Execute in separate tabs” command for big scripts was added
    • “extract SQL from source code” command was fixed
  • Changes for Result viewer:
    • icon visibility options were added
    • rendering of floating point numbers was fixed (fraction digits are shown according to column scale)
    • JSON/XML panel editor was fixed (dirty mark on text selection)
  • Driver editor dialog was fixed (custom jars for Maven-enabled drivers)
  • Changes for MacOS X installer (pkg):
    • support of CE and EE versions on the same machine
    • allows to install DBeaver extensions
  • Changes for PostgreSQL:
    • Postgis support was added
    • HStore support was fixed (in string form)
    • UI for permission management was fixed
    • table DDL (costraints) was fixed (constraint name)
  • Changes for MySQL:
    • support of geometry (GIS) types was added
    • session manager view was improved
    • triggers DDL was fixed: trigger creation now omits database name
  • Changes for Impala:
    • driver configuration was fixed
    • SQL dialect/syntax highlighting was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes (edited)
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PGConf.Russia 2018

Hey guys!
We are going to PGConf. Russia 2018 from 5 to 7 February in Moscow.
We are planning to have a talk and tell you about our new features: debugger and locks manager and, of course, show it on the live demo.
See you on our presentation! And if you are there, please feel free to say “Hello”.
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DBeaver 4.3.4

  • Mock data generator extension (beta version)
  • Import/export/script wizard allows multiple run
  • SQL formatter was fixed (comments and expressions)
  • Data export in SQL INSERT format was fixed (auto-increment columns)
  • SQL generator: JOIN support
  • Results viewer: “Fetch All” command was fixed
  • Content editor: value saving/activation was fixed
  • ERD editor: context menu was enhanced (populated with standard table commands)
  • SQL Server 2000 and earlier: schema reading was fixed
  • Sybase: procedure body reading was fixed
  • Sybase: database metadata reading was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: database switch support was added
  • PostgreSQL: identity column support was added
  • PostgreSQL: sequence management
  • PostgreSQL: default driver version was updated (42.2.0)
  • PostgreSQL: permission management was improved (sequences support) and fixed (role name escaping)
  • PostgreSQL: index comments were added to DDL
  • PostgreSQL: trigger name column was added
  • Oracle: view definition reading was fixed
  • MySQL: table filters were fixed
  • MySQL: database restore wizard was fixed (UTF encoding)
  • Firebird: stored procedure execution was fixed
  • Snowflake driver config was added
  • A few icons were fixed
  • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed (commit, rollback, results panels toggle)
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.3.3

  • SQL editor: query extraction was fixed (trailing delimiter)
  • SQL editor: variables support was added (${varName}, configurable)
  • SQL editor: embedded mode was fixed (UI freeze on editor refresh)
  • Results viewer: column drop-down filter was added
  • Numeric cell value dialog editor was fixed
  • Ref cursor cell value dialog viewer was fixed
  • Main toolbar was fixed (now it is visible only in DBeaver perspective)
  • UI of checkbox inline editor was fixed
  • Environment variables substitution now works for all network configurations
  • External Eclipse extension installer was fixed
  • Git integration was implemented with Eclipse Git plugin
  • External plugin repository list was enhanced (Office, SVG, Git, Eclipse Oxygen)
  • Command line support was fixed (-con + connection properties)
  • CSV export: value quoting config was added
  • PostgreSQL: syntax highlighting was improved
  • MariaDB: default column value editor was fixed
  • SQL Server: schema list reading was fixed
  • SQL Server: procedures source reading was fixed
  • Oracle: view definition (truncated) reading was fixed
  • Sybase: error handling was fixed (for queries with multiple results)
  • Firebird: 3.x driver configuration was fixed (default encoding is UTF-8)
  • Windows installer was improved
  • “All Users” mode was removed
  • /S and /D options were fixed
  • Controls internationalization was improved
  • Chinese, Russian and French localizations were improved
  • Many minor UI fixes

Note: hotfix version was released right after 4.3.3. Hot fixes:

  • Fix of NSIS installer (install in Program Files with Admin privileges)
  • Fix of SQL processor for PostgreSQL dialect (NPE)
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DBeaver 4.3.2

  • UI language selector was added in preferences
  • Active schema selector UI was enhanced (filter)
  • Foreign/ref key navigation icon render was fixed
  • String cell value can be opened in a separate text editor
  • Plaintext rendering was enhanced (NULL values, delimiters)
  • Data export: export of selected columns/rows is now supported
  • SQL editor: support backslash escape in SQL strings/quoted identifiers
  • DB2: connection properties dialog was fixed (settings load)
  • SQL Server: Windows authentication option was added
  • Sybase/SQL Server: schema list read/filter was fixed
  • Sybase/SAP ASE: native jConnect driver configuration was added
  • MySQL/MariaDB: big query results fetching was fixed (for complex custom SQL)
  • PostgreSQL: procedure creation was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: role create/drop actions
  • PostgreSQL: permission management UI was added
  • PostgreSQL: table DDL generation was fixed (column comments)
  • Redis: connection properties dialog was fixed (settings load)
  • Extra CLI options for MySQL/PostgreSQL native export/import wizards
  • French localization was added (thanks to madcollector)
  • Chinese localization was updated
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.3.1


  • Merry Christmas!
  • New custom DBeaver icon set was added.
  • 32×32 icons for HighDPI monitors
  • Entity editor UI was improved (properties panel)
  • Stored procedures execute console
  • Referencing tables navigation fix
  • Unique key create dialog was fixed
  • Quick filter for procedures
  • Object delete dialog was improved (CASCADE delete support)
  • Main menu localization was fixed
  • SQL Server/Sybase: schema list read was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: child tables navigation was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: money data type support
  • PostgreSQL: table DDL generate fix
  • Oracle: table DDL generate fix
  • Oracle: queues metadata (read-only)
  • Firebird: separate drivers for 2.x and 3.x
  • HANA: views/procedures DDL extraction
  • Generic: show all table triggers in catalog/schema
  • Main window title rendering was fixed (confiruable)
  • Minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.3

DBeaver 4.3 has been released. It is a major release which supposed to be more stable than all 4.2.x minor releases.
One of the main differences is enabled localizations (Chinese, Russian, German). Thanks to contributors (special thanks to Liu Yuanyuan)!
Brief changelist:

  • UI localizations (Chinese, Russian, German) were added back
  • Database navigator: new objects (tables, views, columns) create was fixed
  • SQL Editor: active query extraction/parse was fixed
  • SQL Editor: proposals auto-activation was fixed
  • SQL Editor: compact SQL formatter was added
  • Results viewer: data types coloring support was added
  • Results viewer: cell value editor
  • Results viewer: dictionary edit dialog was fixed (custom criteria)
  • Driver manager dialog was improved (driver copy, sorting)
  • Main toolbar was slightly redesigned
  • Support environment variables in connection properties
  • Navicat connections configuration import was added
  • Some icons were updated (application, SQL editor)
  • Find/replace dialog was added in text edit fields (from context menu)
  • PostgreSQL: basic partitions and inheritance support in database navigator
  • PostgreSQL: view edit/create was fixed
  • Vertica: 7.x-9.x driver configuration
  • Neo4j driver configuration was added
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DBeaver 4.2.6


  • Results view: referencing tables view (ctrl+1)
  • Results view: plain text presentation configuration
  • Results view: column ordering shortcut (ctrl+0)
  • Results view: boolean value editor was fixed (MacOS)
  • Results view: editor activation fix (caps lock handle)
  • SQL editor: auto-complete was fixed
  • SQL editor: query extraction was fixed (parameters position)
  • SQL formatter fix
  • MacOS installer with bundled JRE
  • Active schema switcher command (ctrl+shift+a)
  • Navigator: connections color render was fixed
  • SQL query row count function was fixed (SQL transformation)
  • Older Eclipse version support was fixed (API invocations)
  • Vertica: new metadata browser (projections, nodes, sequences, procedures source)
  • PostgreSQL: constraints DDL reading was fixed, access methods model was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: database restore command line parameters fixed
  • PostgreSQL: array value render eas fixed
  • PostgreSQL: data export fixed (multi-row format)
  • Oracle: show expressions for function-based indexes
  • Oracle: DATE data type render was fixed
  • DB2: DECIMAL parameters binding was fixed
  • SQL Server: sequences viewer was added
  • SQL Server: fix autocompletion for table with @ and # characters
  • Apache Solr driver was added
  • Internationalization and localization (Chinese) were enhanced.
  • Misc UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.2.5


  • Connection/schema selectors UI was improved
  • Shortcuts for connection schema select (CTRL+9, CTRL+0)
  • SQL error handle was fixed (error type detection, reconnect activation)
  • SELECT COUNT(*) transformer was fixed
  • SQL completion: multiple bug fixes
  • SQL editor: single line comment toggle was fixed
  • SQL editor: script execution UI config (editor pane maximize is now configurable)
  • SQL editor: support association with connections from another project
  • Database editor: auto-save doesn’t affect data editors
  • Results viewer: varchar to binary column view transformer
  • Results viewer: status label was fixed
  • Results viewer: timestamp value editor was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: view DDL was fixed (for alter view)
  • MySQL/MariaDB: quoted schema name handle fixed
  • Oracle: DATE data type support was fixed
  • Oracle: execution plan for queries with parameters
  • Oracle: sessions SQL read was improved
  • SQL Server: native timestamp format fixed
  • Data search: UI was fixed (performance)
  • MetaData search: UI was fixed (tree structure)
  • ER diagrams: datasource info in project explorer
  • SSH tunnel config enhanced (local port number)
  • i18n model enhancement
  • Chinese localization
  • Hex editor UI was fixed (hex panel stretching, preferences)
  • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed (conflicts with other Eclipse solutions)
  • Cloudera Impala driver config was added
  • CUBRID driver config was added
  • Office and SVG extensions moved to separate update sites (marketplace)
  • Misc UI fixes
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