DBeaver 4.2.3


  • Java 9 support was fixed
  • SQL Editor: connection/schema selectors redesign
  • SQL Editor: divider position save
  • SQL Editor: BOM for external SQL files support was added
  • SQL Editor: queries folding was fixed
  • SQL error chain evaluation was fixed
  • SQL autocomplete for quoted and/or national identifiers was fixed
  • Results viewer: cursor reposition on refresh/mode change was fixed
  • Results viewer: reset all colorings action was added
  • Results viewer: reflect data changes in transaction monitor
  • Results viewer: right-aligned cells (numbers/dates) rendering was fixed
  • Results viewer: columns drag-n-drop was redesigned (now activated on column icon dragging)
  • Results viewer: multi-cell paste support was added
  • SQL Editor/results viewer: SELECT COUNT query transformation was fixed (omit order)
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • Support of null scale/precision for numeric data types was added
  • SQL generator: IS NULL/IS NOT NULL support was added
  • SQL generator: omit schema name feature (configurable)
  • Object editor: changes save procedure was fixed (+UI fix)
  • Office (XLSX) export: numeric/boolean cells formatting was fixed
  • Global schema/tables filters were fixed (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Connections copy/paste was fixed
  • MySQL/MariaDB tables read was fixed (quoted identifiers)
  • Vertica: JDBC URL was fixed (database is optional)
  • Vertica: current schema detection/update
  • PostgreSQL: advanced data types (postgis, json, etc) resolution fix
  • PostgreSQL: procedures fully qualified names fix
  • DB2: primary key drop/edit fix
  • Oracle: synonyms read was fixed
  • Oracle: primary key drop/edit fix
  • SQL Server: GO delimiters evaluation was fixed
  • Minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.2.2


  • Eclipse Oxygen (E4.7) is now default base platform. A lot of minor improvements/fixes comes along with it
  • Chinese, Russian, German localizations are back in beta test
  • Results viewer: UUID value transformer (from binary) was added
  • Results viewer: multi-cell paste support was added
  • Results viewer: aggregate functions for char/varchar columns
  • Results viewer: filter editor dialog UI was fixed
  • Connection invalidate timeout was added
  • Workspace preference page was added in standalone version
  • Database navigator refresh performance was fixed
  • Extra command line parameters support (-closeTabs, -disconnectAll)
  • SQL Editor: delimiters parser was fixed ($$ delimiters)
  • SQL Editor: unsafe queries (DELETE/UPDATE without WHERE) warning was added
  • SQL Editor: server-side ouput reading was redesigned (output for scripts was fixed)
  • SQL Editor: SQL completion preference page was fixed (global search)
  • SQL Editor: SQL completion for unicode identifiers was fixed
  • SQL Editor: parameters binding (NULL value) was fixed
  • SQL Editor: status message update was fixed
  • ER diagrams: column comments now can be enabled on diagram
  • ER diagrams: dark theme support was fixed (css)
  • Object filters was fixed (asterisk in schema names)
  • Oracle: zero scale for numeric data types
  • Oracle: REF CURSOR read was fixed (in value view dialog)
  • PostgreSQL: big table data export was fixed (memory consumption)
  • PostgreSQL: table indexes DDL was fixed (read from server)
  • PostgreSQL: sequences were excluded from table list
  • PostgreSQL: NULL array elements reading was fixed
  • Firebird: column charsets, binary columns support was added
  • PrestoDB driver config was added
  • UI freeze on transactions isolation level detect was fixed
  • Minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.2.1


  • SQL editor: FK navigation was improved (open reference in new tab)
  • SQL editor: code folding was added
  • SQL editor: morph delimited text feature
  • SQL editor: SQL formatting was fixed (Oracle)
  • SQL editor: autocompletion was fixed (databases without schemas)
  • ERD: diagram rendering/nodes selection was fixed
  • ERD: export to SVG format was fixed
  • XML editor: code folding was added
  • Results viewer: CLOB reading was improved
  • Results viewer: connection name in status bar (optional)
  • Results viewer: copy column names action was fixed
  • Results viewer: complex types (structs, arrays, objects) rendering is now configurable
  • Data edit: big decimal values binding was fixed
  • Metadata editor: remember editor tab sizes
  • Database navigator: double-click behavior is now configurable (expand by default)
  • Database navigator: column data types are visible in tree (optional)
  • Bootstrap queries can use local variables
  • Connections config file loading was fixed (make force refresh)
  • Error handling: extract SQL error chain on client-side
  • MySQL: DDL read was fixed (non-English identifiers/comments)
  • MySQL: default driver version was changed to 5.1.44
  • PostgreSQL: database create/drop support was added
  • PostgreSQL: LIMIT/OFFSET support (for big tables export)
  • PostgreSQL: default generic driver version was changed to 9.4.1212
  • PostgreSQL: block statements processing was fixed
  • FireBird: domain types support (read-only)
  • SQLite: full table DDL (with indexes) support
  • Hive: query limits config was changed
  • Number of minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.2.0


  • Sample database was added (SQLite)
  • New connection create fix (ordering in DB navigator)
  • Results viewer: local ordering fix (show confirmation about data loss)
  • Results viewer: copy column names/row numbers configuration dialog
  • ERD: bring to front and send to back actions
  • ERD: custom diagram coloring
  • ERD: diagram export fix (NPE)
  • ERD: SVG format export (optional extension)
  • MySQL: SOURCE keyword handler was fixed
  • MySQL: local client install detection was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: XML value edit fix
  • PostgreSQL: default tablespace info
  • Generic driver: foreign keys loading fix
  • Redshift: driver version update
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DBeaver 4.1.3

Brief changelist:

  • Results viewer: save filters settings for each table
  • Results viewer: columns reordering with drag-n-drop
  • Results viewer: dark theme support was improved
  • SQL editor: variables support was fixed (global vars)
  • SQL Editor: hyperlinks on quoted identifiers were fixed
  • SQL Editor: autocomplete of quoted identifiers was fixed
  • SQL scripts create was fixed (for new projects)
  • Triggers source viewer was fixed (empty trigger body)
  • Auto-complete: optional support of global (in all schemas) tables search
  • Checkbox editor UI was fixed
  • Database/schema selector was fixed (application minimize problem)
  • Custom (named) object filters support was added
  • Locale configuration was fixed
  • Custom SQL queries ordering fix (quoted column names)
  • Exasol: object comments support improved, DEFINE command support
  • Oracle: all table triggers folder was added
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration UI was fixed
  • Informix: active database change was added
  • Informix: column names (instead of descriptions) in results viewer
  • Informix: triggers reading was fixed
  • Drivers download was fixed
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DBeaver 4.1.2


  • Named filters support was added
  • Data formats: locale config on Linux was fixed
  • Custom SQL query ordering was fixed
  • Office extension install in CE version was fixed
  • Entity delete confirmation was fixed (multiple objects delete)
  • Debug log configuration was added
  • Query manager coloring was fixed
  • ERD: support of dark theme was fixed
  • Windows: taskbar notifications enhancements (for data transfer and external tools)
  • Version update check was fixed
  • Command line enhancements (auto-commit option)
  • Full-text search processor was fixed (fail on first error)
  • SQL Editor: support of dynamic include of other scripts
  • SQL Editor: support of different quote chars
  • SQL Editor: script commands processing was fixed
  • SQL Editor: single line comments toggle was fixed
  • SQL Editor: open object (F4) shortcut now works in procedures/packages
  • SQL Editor: connection delete handle was fixed
  • Results viewer: shortcuts redefine was fixed
  • Results viewer: filter proposal was fixed (quoted identifiers)
  • Results viewer: find/replace highlights search string
  • Results viewer: right justify numbers and dates (configurable)
  • Database selector was fixed (minimize on some platforms)
  • PostgreSQL: access methods/operators metadata support was added
  • PostgreSQL: database dump using inserts (thanks to Alma Garcia)
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration page was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: DDL generator in generic driver was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: update connection setting on different database activation
  • Oracle: compile procedure/package error handling was fixed
  • SQL Server: support of [] quotes
  • Multiple UI fixes (including UI freeze on some platforms)
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DBeaver 4.1.1

DBeaver CE 4.1.1 has been released.
DBeaver EE 4.1 has been released.
Changelist of CE version:
  • SQL editor layout configuration was added
  • Results viewer: search dialog now highlighs cells
  • Connection/database selector was fixed
  • Office data export was enhanced
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • BLOB/CLOB editor was fixed
  • Numeric values editor was improved
  • Data transfer wizard was improved (columns mapping)
  • Folder editor UI was fixed
  • SQL formatting was fixed
  • Tray icon support was enhanced (can be used for long data export/import operations)
  • Oracle: PL/SQL parser was improved
  • MySQL/MariaDB: extra keywords added to SQL dialect
  • Generic driver: data types were added in navigator tree
  • Multiple UI bugs were fixed
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DBeaver CE 4.1.0

  • Dark theme configuration was fixed/improved
  • Results viewer: first row insert bug was fixed
  • Results viewer: extra rendering config
  • Results viewer: find/replace dialog fixed (set focus)
  • CLOB/BLOB editor fixed (value edit/save)
  • Project explorer view fixed (ER diagrams and bookmarks folders)
  • SQL editor: additional layout configuration
  • Advanced copy/paste: additional properties were added
  • MySQL: database size property
  • MySQL: float data type editor fixed
  • PostgreSQL: ref cursors support
  • PostgreSQL: execution plan properties added
  • Oracle: DDL generation was fixed (delimiters)
  • Exasol: DDL generation was fixed, connection objects are now visible
  • Apache Drill: driver config was fixed
  • Yandex Clickhouse driver was added
  • Many minor UI fixed/improvements
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DBeaver 4.0.8

  • Results viewer auto-refresh support added
  • Results viewer filter settings dialog UI wqas fixed
  • Shell commands configuration was enhanced
  • Session/Locks editor activation was fixed
  • SSH authentication was fixed (private key without password)
  • SQL completion processor performance was fixed (big number of objects)
  • SQL parameters binding was improved (empty values evaluated as NULLs)
  • Project create wizard was fixed
  • Results edit: advanced paste supports multiple rows insertion
  • SQL execution time format was fixed
  • Metadata changes are executed in transaction
  • Oracle: table triggers metadata reading was fixed
  • Oracle: save objects before compilation
  • Oracle table DDL now includes comments
  • MySQL: JSON data type support was added
  • SQL string escape was fixed (MySQL)
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DBeaver 4.0.7

  • Tables/views inline filter (database navigator)
  • Open database connections from command line
  • ERD: dark theme support
  • SQL parameters fixed (param in SQL blocks)
  • SQL query execute statistics was fixed (fetch time added)
  • Project resources configuration is now persistent
  • Property editor behavior was fixed
  • SQL scripts layout config added
  • Gnome desktop config was fixed
  • SSH auth with private key
  • dialog fixed
  • Data export from SQL query was fixed (NPE)
  • UUID data type support was fixed
  • SnappyData driver has been added
  • MacOS DMG installer fix (Mac OS Sierra)
  • Many minor UI fixes
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