DBeaver 4.1.2


  • Named filters support was added
  • Data formats: locale config on Linux was fixed
  • Custom SQL query ordering was fixed
  • Office extension install in CE version was fixed
  • Entity delete confirmation was fixed (multiple objects delete)
  • Debug log configuration was added
  • Query manager coloring was fixed
  • ERD: support of dark theme was fixed
  • Windows: taskbar notifications enhancements (for data transfer and external tools)
  • Version update check was fixed
  • Command line enhancements (auto-commit option)
  • Full-text search processor was fixed (fail on first error)
  • SQL Editor: support of dynamic include of other scripts
  • SQL Editor: support of different quote chars
  • SQL Editor: script commands processing was fixed
  • SQL Editor: single line comments toggle was fixed
  • SQL Editor: open object (F4) shortcut now works in procedures/packages
  • SQL Editor: connection delete handle was fixed
  • Results viewer: shortcuts redefine was fixed
  • Results viewer: filter proposal was fixed (quoted identifiers)
  • Results viewer: find/replace highlights search string
  • Results viewer: right justify numbers and dates (configurable)
  • Database selector was fixed (minimize on some platforms)
  • PostgreSQL: access methods/operators metadata support was added
  • PostgreSQL: database dump using inserts (thanks to Alma Garcia)
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration page was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: DDL generator in generic driver was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: update connection setting on different database activation
  • Oracle: compile procedure/package error handling was fixed
  • SQL Server: support of [] quotes
  • Multiple UI fixes (including UI freeze on some platforms)
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DBeaver 4.1.1

DBeaver CE 4.1.1 has been released.
DBeaver EE 4.1 has been released.
Changelist of CE version:
  • SQL editor layout configuration was added
  • Results viewer: search dialog now highlighs cells
  • Connection/database selector was fixed
  • Office data export was enhanced
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • BLOB/CLOB editor was fixed
  • Numeric values editor was improved
  • Data transfer wizard was improved (columns mapping)
  • Folder editor UI was fixed
  • SQL formatting was fixed
  • Tray icon support was enhanced (can be used for long data export/import operations)
  • Oracle: PL/SQL parser was improved
  • MySQL/MariaDB: extra keywords added to SQL dialect
  • Generic driver: data types were added in navigator tree
  • Multiple UI bugs were fixed
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DBeaver CE 4.1.0

  • Dark theme configuration was fixed/improved
  • Results viewer: first row insert bug was fixed
  • Results viewer: extra rendering config
  • Results viewer: find/replace dialog fixed (set focus)
  • CLOB/BLOB editor fixed (value edit/save)
  • Project explorer view fixed (ER diagrams and bookmarks folders)
  • SQL editor: additional layout configuration
  • Advanced copy/paste: additional properties were added
  • MySQL: database size property
  • MySQL: float data type editor fixed
  • PostgreSQL: ref cursors support
  • PostgreSQL: execution plan properties added
  • Oracle: DDL generation was fixed (delimiters)
  • Exasol: DDL generation was fixed, connection objects are now visible
  • Apache Drill: driver config was fixed
  • Yandex Clickhouse driver was added
  • Many minor UI fixed/improvements
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DBeaver 4.0.8

  • Results viewer auto-refresh support added
  • Results viewer filter settings dialog UI wqas fixed
  • Shell commands configuration was enhanced
  • Session/Locks editor activation was fixed
  • SSH authentication was fixed (private key without password)
  • SQL completion processor performance was fixed (big number of objects)
  • SQL parameters binding was improved (empty values evaluated as NULLs)
  • Project create wizard was fixed
  • Results edit: advanced paste supports multiple rows insertion
  • SQL execution time format was fixed
  • Metadata changes are executed in transaction
  • Oracle: table triggers metadata reading was fixed
  • Oracle: save objects before compilation
  • Oracle table DDL now includes comments
  • MySQL: JSON data type support was added
  • SQL string escape was fixed (MySQL)
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DBeaver 4.0.7

  • Tables/views inline filter (database navigator)
  • Open database connections from command line
  • ERD: dark theme support
  • SQL parameters fixed (param in SQL blocks)
  • SQL query execute statistics was fixed (fetch time added)
  • Project resources configuration is now persistent
  • Property editor behavior was fixed
  • SQL scripts layout config added
  • Gnome desktop config was fixed
  • SSH auth with private key
  • dialog fixed
  • Data export from SQL query was fixed (NPE)
  • UUID data type support was fixed
  • SnappyData driver has been added
  • MacOS DMG installer fix (Mac OS Sierra)
  • Many minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.0.6


  • Entity editor hyperlinks were redesigned (active with CTRL key down)
  • SQL editor advanced copy (copy queries in programming languages source code)
  • Data transfer wizard UI fixed (columns mapping)
  • Eclipse plugins now can be installed in CE version
  • Generate SQL: single query for multiple rows
  • HSQLDB: triggers support
  • MySQL: index creation wizard was improved
  • DB2: native timestamp format support
  • Refresh action was fixed (now works in session/locks viewers)
  • Multiple result sets fetch was fixed
  • XML formatting was fixed
  • Transaction monitor UI was fixed
  • A few minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.0.5

Brief changelist:

  • Transaction locks monitoring (PG and Oracle)
  • SQL scripts processing fixed (statements delimiter detect)
  • Transactions monitor UI fix
  • JSON and XML auto-formatting
  • SQL execution confirm dialog
  • Search results page: standard context menu support added
  • Error message dialog fix (huge messages)
  • Results viewer: statistics info was fixed
  • Results viewer: extra shortcuts for tab close/toggle
  • MySQL/MariaDB: support multiple result sets in single query
  • PostgreSQL: ERD rendering fix
  • Oracle: view definition fixed (column list was added)
  • LOB/XML/JSON cache fixed
  • Custom drivers configuration was fixed
  • Temp directory cleanup fix
  • Minor UI fixes
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DBeaver 4.0.4

Brief changelist:

  • Connection editor UI fixed
  • Client-side SQL scripting (@set and @echo commands)
  • Results editor was improved (shortcuts, focus loose fix)
  • Results editor: create/copy/paste multiple rows with one command
  • CSV JDBC driver config fixed
  • Apache Drill: driver update
  • Oracle: table privileges tab, roles and users UI improved
  • Oracle: scheduled jobs and programs support was added
  • Oracle 8-10: data editor fixes
  • Maven repository list updated. Warnings for non-secure repositories
  • External SQL formatter was fixed
  • Transaction monitor UI was fixed
  • Mac OS: object editor and results editor UI rendering was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

EE version notice: DBeaver EE 4.0 is still free of charge.

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DBeaver 4.0.3

4.0.3 is a stable 4.0 version.

  • SQL editor: context tooltips (F2) + database help system integration
  • Database data transfer wizard was fixed (tables/columns mapping)
  • Drivers download dialog was fixed
  • Query manager view UI improved (columns sorting)
  • Maven repositories switched to SSL versions
  • Exasol: statements execution performance was improved
  • Exasol: LUA scripts, functions
  • Oracle 8 and 9i support has been improved
  • Oracle: sequence manager was added (create/drop/alter)
  • HSQLDB extension was added (views, procedures source, sequences)
  • Hive: table data viewer/exporter fix. Array data type support.
  • Hive Spark driver configuration added
  • DB2 for z/OS: error message extraction config
  • A lot of minor UI fixes/improvements
  • All national localizations were disabled
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DBeaver 4.0.2

This is second hotfix version.
Version 4.0 had too many new features and some of them wasn’t well tested. Hopefully 4.0.2 will resolve most of these problems.
Brief changelist:

  • Transaction monitor errors fixed
  • CLOB value editor fixed
  • MySQL: table create fixed
  • MySQL: column position change feature
  • MySQL: column charset/collation edit support
  • Oracle: standalone procedures navigation fixed
  • Oracle 8: metadata reading fixed
  • PostgreSQL: database switch was fixed
  • DB2 iSeries driver update
  • Dark theme fixes
  • Secured Maven repositories support
  • Connection folders creation was improved
  • Connection properties dialog was fixed (performance + datasource-specific settings)
  • Misc minor UI bugs were fixed
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